Thursday, June 8, 2017

Solo faltan 9 dias para la feria!

Los invitamos a venir y aprovechar los recursos que seran ofrecidos por differentes organizaciones. Tendremos recursos, servicios y entretenimiento gratuitos para usted y su familia!

- Servicios Gratuitos Para Niños y Familias
- Consultas Gratuitas De Inmigración
- Rifas
- Grupos Folclóricos
- Premios y Regalos
- Pintura De Caritas
- Actividades para niños
& ¡mucho más!

Asegurese de venir a la feria a pasar un buen tiempo con su familia y a al mismo tiempo beneficiarse con informacion muy positivo y util!

Only 9 days left until the fair!

We invite you to come and take advantage of the resources that will be offered by different organizations. We will have free resources, services and entertainment for you and your family!

- Free resources for children and families
- Free Immigration Legal 
- Raffles- Cultural Performances
- Free Giveaways
- Face Painting
- Children’s Activities
& so much more!

Be sure to come to the fair to have a great time with your family and at the same time benefit from info very positive and helpful!


  1. Wow, this is such a great opportunity in my opinion and I will love to be the part of this event. Thank you to all the organizations.

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