Monday, November 6, 2017

NYCDOHMH- Healthy Homes Program

NYCDOHMH- Healthy Homes Program
125 Worth Street, CN58, Room 612
New York, NY 10013
Information Line: 1-646-632-6023
Email address: 
Fax Number: 1-347-396-8885

Request for educational services:
Available in English and Spanish in the five boroughs
Contact: Sandra Smartt- or 646-632-6015
We provide educational workshops and trainings for parents, seniors and staff on environmental home health hazards topics such as: lead poisoning prevention and healthy homes (i.e mold, pests, bedbugs, household products/chemical poisoning, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and falls prevention (seniors only) ). 


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  3. i must say i am quite impressed by the initiative. it must really be helpful to the refugees. keep up the good work because not many volunteer for it. and keep posting

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